2023                    The Honky Tonks and Me 

2021                    At Once It Dreams In Multiple Tenses
                            Video installation with Sun Park, 17m
                            Press release

                            Clipping Through Her Arm Here
                            2 channel video projection and sound, 16m

2019                    The Office / VIDEO GAMES FOREVER
                            Dictated texts
                            Press release

2018                    Imagining Lines In Other Narratives
                            Printed text spread across three spaces in a terrace block in Earls Court.
                            Text, MDF boards, lights, paper window screens.
                            Press release

2017                    The Indicators of Illusive Ideas
                            Text, stand, DVD booklet, live talk.

2016                    It's not the's getting rid of the dirt that's the hard part. 
                            Text and images on paper. 

                            3 short talks broadcast live for Art Licks Weekend.

2015                    A facsimile of what you can't find
                            Printed matter

                            I'm dead in the water here.
                            Installation MA Show

2014                    Marked, Counted, but not Needed
                            Video projection and sound, 5m